Building a Profitable Pinterest

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Building a Profitable Pinterest

Eden Strader Photography
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Building a Profitable Pinterest - Eden Strader Photography's step by step guide to building your Pinterest from nothing to hundreds of thousands viewers and CLIENTS. All while spending less than an hour on Pinterest weekly. 

PDF document including -

How to treat and use Pinterest

Setting up your Pinterest account as a Business

How to create an engaging profile and set of boards

How your boards should be structured for optimal success

What images you should be pinning

How you should be captioning your images

How to use Analytics to help you plan pins

How you should be pinning, including software, where the images should come from, etc. 

A Pinterest checklist, so you never waste an opportunity again! 

Board ideas for several different vendors- including photographers, HMUA's, florists, and more. 

FAQ Section 

Due to reliance on individual images/products, results are not guaranteed. Guide is based heavily on Rich Pins, which Wix Website's are not compatible with. 

Sharing or redistributing this guide is a violation of copyright law and will be subject to fines up to $10,000. Legal action will be pursued. 

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